To enchant or be enchanted?

I am who I am. Well, I'm not God or YHWH for that matter, so please don't get upset at that quote.

However, it is rather difficult to describe myself because I'm a perfectionist and slightly OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - watch "As Good As It Gets" to get an idea) according to certain people who knows me best irl.

A self-proclaimed "Jack-of-all-trades" I have knowledge and skills in nearly everything from martial arts to drawing/illustrating/animating to science/chemistry/biology/physics to computing/programming/hardware/software to singing/dancing/acting to sci-fi/fantasy/reading/writing and so on.

However, being raised to think logically and solve problems, I excel best at logical matters and does not do as well in plain memorization such as history and geography. Partly this is also because of my non-linear perception of time and events in and around my life.